Our business is protecting the future of our children, environment, and animal life!

We are only given one planet to live on, one chance to leave a liveable home to our children, and to save the wildlife, sea life, and endangered animals from mass extinction… We believe that nature was made the way it was supposed to be. For Earth and its team members take our obligations seriously to restore the future for the next generations of people and animals around the globe.

For Earth comprises of a small group of animal lovers, passionate about making a difference to our shared environment and future. We pledged that we would do absolutely everything we possibly could to make a difference:

When designing our clothing line, accessories, jewellery, etc., we aim at using environmentally friendly materials, such as natural, plant-based fabrics and recyclable or biodegradable elements. And we constantly work towards developing more sustainable manufacturing methods and business model.

But we also pledged to use our voice as a brand to mobilise our fans. We have the platform to bring people who care about the environment together, and create a forum for exchanging ideas about sustainability, cleaning the oceans, saving bees and endangered animals, and so on.

We made it our goal to make our brand remind people that every time we take something from nature, we should give double as much back. When we chop down one tree, we should plant two. When we produce products of synthetic materials, it should be recycled or salvaged from the garbage patches polluting our oceans.

But most of all, our story is about the future. The future we fight to protect. We might just be one clothing brand, but we can make clothing that makes a statement. A statement that we can change the future together. Clothing can start a conversation, we want our clothing to start a conversation about the environment.